Welcome to Tana Silver Psychology.

My goal is to help my clients reach their true potential in life, through dedication and unwavering commitment to them. I provide psycho-therapeutic support to adult individuals and families, and have a special interest in working with trauma, loss and bereavement. Trauma that has not been worked through can result in the onset of most psychological disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other mental health problems. This has fuelled my passion for helping those who have experienced trauma.

My philosophy is that all people have the potential and the necessary ability to solve their problems, or to work through their difficulties.

I have an eclectic and compassionate style of counseling, employing elements from a range of therapeutic techniques, with the goal of establishing a course that is personally tailored to my the needs of my client. I aim to co-create a sacred space of safety and understanding with my clients, where transformation can be nurtured. I have a particular interest in Mindfulness and Gestalt Techniques.

Both approaches honor the power of the present moment and the value of awareness. Mindfulness teaches one to see “the bigger picture” even when in the grips of powerful emotion. It slows life down, and encourages self-compassion. From this vantage point, it becomes easier to manage your inner dialogue and feelings, leading to more conscious decisions.

Gestalt therapy is based on the "here and now" and aims to facilitate the process of wholeness of the individual. It sees the therapeutic relationship as the occurring, the coming to light of a co-creation between patient and therapist.

I also frequently incorporate the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques within the therapeutic setting. The time-sensitive results of CBT are undeniable, and shows that an immediate reduction in ‘pain’ results in a more flexible client who can then focus on underlying patterns that cause more long-term distress.

I hope to support my clients to find new, creative ways to resolve the problem or crisis they are facing.

Feelings come and go, and eventually you realise that you are not your feelings, but the real you is merely witnessing them" - David R. Hawkins